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We now have a new business division, Sum Insured Valuations.  It is completely independent from any insurance company or brokerage.

Sum Insured Valuations provides independent insurance valuations for the residential property owners of Christchurch City, Selwyn and Waimakariri.

Traditionally ‘sum insured’ work has been the bread & butter of commercial valuation, with little call for insurance valuations in the residential market. 

This of course has all now changed mid 2013, when the NZ insurance industry moved from open- ended replacement policies to nominated sum insured for residential house insurance.

This has prompted the promotion of our ‘Sum Insured Valuations’ service.  Although a function we have always been able to provide, it is now a service people are in real need of, particularly Cantabs living in our rebuild inflationary bubble!


Visit our Sum Insured Valuations website for answers to many of your 'capped policy' questions: