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What does it cost?

At Valuation Solutions we keep a close eye on industry fees - we regularly investigate competition prices.  It is our policy to ensure our fees remain at the industry average and therefore very competitive.

All rates listed are for properties fitting our standard criteria**:

Full registered current market report   =  $650 incl gst
Full registered bank valuation   =  $650 incl gst
Sum Insured valuation report  =  $650 incl gst **
Sum insured valuation + Market valuation for same property  =  $995 incl gst
Executive summary report  =  $600 incl gst
Chattels valuation report  = $500 incl gst
Building Progress Certificate  = $325 incl gst
Certificate of Title  =  $14.95
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But every valuation is unique, and the cost may vary, so we therefore confirm all quotes prior to beginning any valuation.  We recommend you simply complete and submit our online enquiry form to enable us to come straight back to you with an accurate quote.

**Standard Property Criteria:

  • less than 900m2 land

  • zoned L1 (residential low density)

  • local Christchurch area

Majority of properties fit within our standard fee, but every valuation is unique, so the cost can vary depending on:

  • report format

  • land size i.e. the ability to subdivide

  • number of units (titles) involved in the property

  • reported weathertightness issues

  • travel time to property

  • the urgency of your request

  • technical land category/zoning

  • **contour of land i.e. extent of foundations / retaining walls



  • More than one property / property portfolio: if you instruct us to undertake valuations for multi-properties we always give a significant discount - please give us a call for an individual quote.
  • If you are a past client you automatically receive a 10% discount - we value your repeat custom.


How long will it take to complete?

One of the biggest issues when arranging a valuation report is ensuring it meets your deadlines.

At Valuation Solutions we do our best to restrict our work load to keep our report turn-around times to a minimum.  Our clients can expect their reports usually within 7-10 working days from the time of instruction...sometimes sooner.

If you are under extreme time pressure, we can look at providing a 24 hour turn-around service, but as this will require us to rearrange our given schedule, an additional charge will be quoted upfront.

And we're not all talk - we will deliver when we say we will!  Check out our on-time money-back guarantee!!



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read what our clients have to say about us...

I found your service excellent.  It was incredibly fast, which was much appreciated.  I would definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

Kind regards

Sharon Tyson




Bevan Fleming did a valuation assessment of my house prior to putting it on the market.

His valuation was spot on.

He gave a range of suggested asking prices and his final realistic selling price was EXACTLY what I received.

He took the time to search thoroughly for comparison properties and his report was set out logically and worded objectively. I think he read the market very well.

Bevan was unfailingly courteous and helpful in our dealings and in comparison with one of the long established companies, he proved to be outstanding in accuracy, integrity, service and value for money.

I recommend Bevan and 'valuation Solutions' to any one wanting a first class valuation service.

Ms H. S. Dodge 

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