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reliance on Council Rating Valuations risky in current market!

During the property boom Rating Valuations (RVs), or also referred to as council valuations or government valuations, were used widely by banks and lending institutions as a number to lend against.  In a bullish market RVs are a relatively safe lending guide.

Today, in 2010, they are meaningless.

Financial decisions that give any real weight to current rating values are high risk!

Compared to real values, Christchurch's latest RVs are a jumble of inconsistencies.  There is the odd time they might come close to the mark, but it's random.  We commonly see discrepancies anywhere from 10s to 100s of thousands of dollar differences to a property's current market value.

It should be clearly understood that RVs have nothing to do with current market values.  Rating Valuations are simply that  - a formulated calculation tool for the apportionment of Council rates.

Plus, having to be back-dated to August 2007, the current RVs have encountred the further problem of their on-mass computerised calculation taking place right at the turn in the market.

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Randomly selected properties:
Rating Value Recent Sale Price



504 Ilam Road $569,000 $462,000 -19%
38 Ramanaha Road $473,000 $361,000 -24%
33 Linkwater Way $519,000 $432,000 -17%
33 Exeter Street $365,000 $312,500 -15%
30 Voelas Street $409,000 $340,000 -17%
152 Kingford Street $320,000 $278,000 -14%
21 Linkwater Way $502,000 $448,000 -11%
92 Aorangi Road $554,000 $395,000 -29%
80 Aorangi Road $530,000 $725,000 +36%
  Valuation Solutions tailored report Ratings/Council/Govt valuation or 'online' products
Site inspection: Onsite and in person - interior & exterior - for EVERY valuation undertaken None
Calculations: Real-time, adapted, custom-made, based on coal-face knowledge Dated, formulaic, prescribed
Customisation: Based on property specifics - an endless amount of variables Based on area "averages"
Market considerations: Real-time moving market dynamics Based on quarterly / monthly area "averages"
Meeting bank requirements: Yes - the legal report format accepted by all lenders Rarely in today's new risk adverse lending environment
Accuracy: "Value range" targets 5% above or below actual sale value Dubious, problematic - endless evidence of RVs being $10,000-$100,000s higher or lower than current market





"Red or Yellow Stickered"? 

Are you looking at potential demolition of your home or rental property?

Do not sign any insurance pay-out agreements before getting your own professional, independent valuation advice!!

Essential Residental Insurance Post Quake Services:

  • Replacement Valuations - providing replacement costs of your building for insurance purposes
  • PRE-earthquake Valuations - indemnity (market value) valuations for insurance purposes i.e. depreciated replacement costs of your building as of the day before the quake

Your house is your largest asset - make sure your insurance pay-out is fair - every $10,000 counts!

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Bevan Fleming did a valuation assessment of my house prior to putting it on the market.

His valuation was spot on.

He gave a range of suggested asking prices and his final realistic selling price was EXACTLY what I received.

He took the time to search thoroughly for comparison properties and his report was set out logically and worded objectively. I think he read the market very well.

Bevan was unfailingly courteous and helpful in our dealings and in comparison with one of the long established companies, he proved to be outstanding in accuracy, integrity, service and value for money.

I recommend Bevan and 'valuation Solutions' to any one wanting a first class valuation service.

Ms H. S. Dodge