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Exclusive CPIA member offer:

Having registered for our free house sales subscription you are now eligible for this CPIA chattels valuation offer - just quote the code below when booking your inspection:

-  $30 CREDIT  -
   Quote Code: CPIA30 Expires: 30 Nov 2010

Save $30 off the cost of a fully registered chattels valuation.

You need to have made the booking for a chattels inspection before 30 Nov; the inspection can take place after this date.

Don't leave it in a big rush to the end of the financial year - act now - take the time to discuss it with your accountant today and save!

We can help you maximise your depreciation claim for tax purposes by providing a customised chattels valuation, better defined as a depreciation schedule or apportionment.  Find out more...

Our depreciation schedule fees are already competitive - so with this discount you will not find a better price.

Feel free to give us a no-obligation call to discuss your individual scenario: whether it be a new purchase? something you've had for a few years but recently renovated? had a heat pump installed since your original assessment? etc 

Or complete our online enquiry form - in the box "Other things you should know:" Quote Code CPIA30.

NOTE: we will negotiate a further discount for more than one property.