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Post-Quake Registered Valuation Updates:


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Post-quake has certainly been a time for 'report' gathering - EQC reports; engineering reports; building reports; geotechnic reports...

Will you also need a registered valuation report update?

Key reasons for getting a registered valuation report post-quake:

  1. Independent legal reference for insurance claims
  2. Re-financing requirement for building / renovations
  3. Confidence around the uncertainties of selling
  4. Securing finance if buying

As we are wanting to assist past clients in a time of such market uncertainty, you are currently eligible for a significantly discounted post-quake valuation update!

Just in case you may need our services again in the coming months...make sure you register NOW to obtain your 'Client Discount Code' - simply register using the form to your right on screen >>>>>>

You will also be automatically entered into our draw to win a FREE registered valuation report - valued at $460!  Only past clients like yourself are eligible, so the odds of winning are pretty darn good!!

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Why register for your 'Client Discount Code'?

  • It's free
  • Involves no obligation
  • Valid for approx 3 months
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  • Will save you over $100 in future quake related property advice...
  • Automatically enters you into our very select draw to WIN a free registered report - valued at $460!

So real question is - why not register???



CODE VALID TO: 30 April 2011

(Why is there a deadline? Well with post-quake building activity in full swing in the 3rd & 4th quarters of this year...we want to make sure our repeat clients get first priority in the coming few months - before we get too snowed under!? Registration will give us a guide to the in-house resources we may require.)


If you would like to claim your 'Client Discount Code', please fill in the form to your right and you'll immediately receive a "discount code email" in your inbox - this email will contain your given print out, file, and use if necessary within the next 3 months.

This email will also contain details as to exactly how much your code will save you, how to go about booking a property inspection if required, and confirm your entry into our draw.


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