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"We're currently looking at a particular site we wish to buy..."

"We're looking to build in an established area and don't want to over or under capitalise - would like some verbal advice?"

"Our plans are all approved and we're ready to build - we now need a full registered valuation report to secure finance..."

"I'm at 'roof-on' stage and need a Progress Certificate..."

"I've been told I need a registered valution by my bank manager or mortgage broker!"

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Excited about building your dream?

Stressed about finance?

Unsure what's the best site?

Panicked about the budget?

Frazzled by quotes?

All of the above!

Not surprising. It's difficult to stay
detached. Building is an
emotional business.

Find out for yourself what the best houses in your area have sold for recently...

That's where we come in. We can be
your building ally - a neutral professional
who can give you unbiased, frank and
up-to-the-minute expert advice.

Building your dream home is a big undertaking -
apart from financially, it can also be physically
and emotionally stressful and draining. But the
rewards both in value and in lifestyle can be great.

Real success lies in the planning as much as in
the execution.

Before securing your finance, a bank or lending insitution will require a full registered valuation report to establish the value of the completed product in today's market.  Our report is based on a site inspection and thorough analysis of detailed building plans.  We may also undertake further research with your builder, architect or the Council planners.

Throughout the construction process the bank often requires update summary reports, formally called Progress Certificates.  These most often occur at the following stages:

  • foundation
  • roof-on
  • lock-up

BUT DON'T WAIT until all the plans are signed and sealed before bringing us into your team of property advisors...

Apart from fulfilling your finance compliance requirements, we can provide valuable insights during your planning phase, particularly if you are considering resale potential.

Building a sought after property that will hold or increase in value is all about understanding today's market and the particular wants and needs of your specific potential buyer.

Obviously we can also advise on negotiating a good land deal.

So if you are currently looking for a site to build - contact us right now, at the start of your building journey - and receive the full value of our service.