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As people who have been looking to purchase real estate in an uncertain market, we know that a professional valuation is a necessity and crucial to sensible buying.

We have found your services at Valuation Solutions to be outstanding.  The three valuations you have done for us to date have been expedient, thorough and concise.  They have left us feeling reassured and confident prior to submitting offers on residential homes.

Your professionalism is second to none.  We have previously used one of your larger competitors in the industry, and can happily attest to Valuation Solutions superior all round service.

Your genuine interest in our progress and follow up service has left us feeling valued as customers.

You have happily fielded numerous phone calls from us and given great advice and explained all aspects of your report.

You have been able to refer us to other professionals from your network of industry specialists which has resulted in us being better informed about a potential purchase - which saved us from buying a real estate disaster!

We really appreciate the work you have done for us during the year and look forward to using your service again in the near future.

Tom & Joelene Frost - Jul 2009