Christchurch's independent
property valuation consultancy:
registered, residential specialists

  • Moving to New Zealand?
  • Relocating to Christchurch?
  • House hunting remotely online?
  • Uncertain about local property values?
  • Keen to choose a 'good' area?
  • Confused about school zones?
  • All of the above!


Not surprising. It's difficult to stay detached. Property buying is an emotional business, especially when you're new, or yet to arrive in town!

That's where we come in. We can be your buying ally - a neutral, on-site professional who can give you unbiased, frank and up-to-the-minute expert advice.

  • No emotion.
  • No self interest.
  • No games.
  • No fluff.

We receive so many overseas enquiries, particulary from locals or expats living in the United Kingdom or Australia, wanting expert advice about house values in Christchurch. 

They come to us through word of mouth because of our independence.

We can provide all our written reports and advice in PDF format via email, plus also happy to provide SKYPE conference calls within New Zealand business hours.

If you want to 'buy well' due diligence is king.

The old saying 'cavaet emptor' (buyer beware!) is
never more applicable than when buying a house and you're new to the market.

Be smart and make well informed decisions. 
Email us for advice.
Find peace of mind.

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Latest News: council rating valuations deemed useless!

how can we help with

your relocation plans?

"House hunting on a pre-relocation visit to
Christchurch, would love a few more facts
about recent house sale prices

"We're expats sitting in UK following house
sales on Trademe, found a property in Christchurch
we'd like a specialist residential valuer to
have a look at for us

"We think we've found a little bargain - but
being new to Christchurch we'd like a brief
valuation report before making an offer

"My pre-approved New Zealand finance is
'conditional of a valuation' and I therefore need
a full registered current market valuation report