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"Need my rental portfolio valued for finance purposes..."

"My pre-approved finance is conditional of a valution..."

"I need a registered valuation to meet bank compliance requirements "..."

" I need a chattels valuation and tax depreciation advice for my annual accounts..."

"I don't really need anything in writing, I just want to talk through a possible investment property with someone..."

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News: council rating valuations deemed useless!

Frustrated by your bank?

Patiently awaiting your

  next 'good buy'?

Struggling to get the

  numbers to work?

Keen to get your chattels valued?

All of the above!

Not surprising. It's not easy staying
detached. Property can be a roller-coaster business.

Christchurch's best priced sales data:

Currently there are still deals to be done - particularly for the cashed-up, dedicated investor.

The key question is how you know for certian you've
found a 'good buy'?

The numbers only work if you're working with the right numbers!

That's where we come in. We can be
your investing ally - a neutral professional
who can give you unbiased, frank and
up-to-the-minute expert advice.

Whether you're a first-time investor or an old hand, wanting negotiating advice, needing a registered report to raise capital, or wanting a chattels valuation / tax depreciation schedule, we have a service to suit.

Check out our choice of valuation reports and services, and find the one whic will work best for you.