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what renovator profile fits you best?

"We think we've found a little do-upper gem - but would like an expert opinion before making an offer..."

"I don't really need anything in writing as yet, I only want to talk through our renovation ideas with someone..."

"We have plans drawn up, and before making any commitments, we want to make sure we're not going to over-capitalise..."

"My pre-approved finance is 'conditional of a current market valuation'..."

"We've now been informed that we need a registered valuation before our bank will approve our refinancing...!"

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Excited about your new changes?

Stressed about finance?

Panicked about the budget?

Frazzled by tradesmen?

Afraid you're going to


All of the above!

Not surprising. It's difficult to stay
detached. Property renovation is an
emotional business.

Find out for yourself what the best houses in your area have sold for recently...

That's where we come in. We can be
your renovation ally - a neutral professional
who can give you unbiased, frank and
up-to-the-minute expert advice.

Major renovation work is a big undertaking -
apart from financially, it can also be physically
and emotionally stressful and draining. But the
rewards both in value and in lifestyle can be great.

Real success lies in the planning as much as in
the execution.

Before you sit down with your sketch-book or meet with a
builder or architect, you have to have the following basics covered:
  • how are you financing the project?
  • if you intend to remortgage, how much more will the bank lend?

A registered valuer is the professional you need to answer these critical initial questions. Guess work could result in shattered visions and aspirations.

Looking at 'before' and 'after' values we can help you work through financing and budgteing scenarios...based on our advice you will know how much money you can raise, and how much should be your spending limit.

You can show us your plans, or simply walk/talk our valuer through your ideas.  We can then supply you with an estimate of how your renovations will affect the value of your home.

Compare this with improvement costs and you will know whether you are genuinely going to add value or over-capitalise i.e. you could end up spending more than you will ever recoup if you go to sell.

You may find, depending on circumstance & location, you could be economically better off moving or building from scratch?

DON"T WAIT until your bank manager or mortgage broker calls for a registered valuation report - contact right now as part of your pre-planning, and receive the full value of our service.

Give us a call today - we have a wealth of personal experience in the world of home improvement!