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what vendor profile fits you best?

"Before I meet with a few agents, I'm wanting a better idea what houses are selling foraround our area..."

"I don't really need anything in writing, just want to talk through my house sale with an expert with no vested interest..." 

"We're about to sell at auction and trying to decide on a reserve price..."

"I'm a serious vendor, and would like a realistic independent written assessment to use as my guide price..."

"We'd like an independent report to use as a negotiating tool..."

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News: council rating valuations deemed useless!

Nervous about distorted market?

Unsure about your listing price?

Pressured by agent conditioning?

Tired of preparing for open homes?

Confused by mixed media

All of the above!

Not surprising. It's difficult to stay
relaxed when so much is out of your control.
Selling property is an emotional business.

That's where we come in. We can be
your selling ally - a neutral sounding board.
Someone who can give you unbiased,
frank and up-to-the-minute expert advice.

  • No emotion.
  • No self interest.
  • No games.
  • No fluff.

Although the market has generally turned
in the buyer's favour, properties are still selling
(some price brackets faster than others) - albeit
'at the right price'.  Success lies in knowing
what that is!

If you want a timely, successful sale you
need to feel confident about your price expectations.

Say you've had your house on the market for four months. 
The initial interest has vanished.  You knocked back an
early cheeky offer and now starting to regret it.

Looking through your own rose-tinted glasses, trying to recoup what you've spend on it, or relying on the agent's promises are not going to sell your house faster.  You don't want to turn down a good early offer, or end up with a tainted listing.

When you're selling your most valuable asset every $1000 counts - you need face-to-face, independent, expert property advice.

Take a look at our valuation reports and services and find out which one will best help you.