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property valuation consultancy:
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where are you up to with your divorce negotiations?

"I've been told by my solicitor or mortgage broker that I need a registered house valuation for matrimonial purposes"

"We're wanting an independent property value assessment to help us negotiate a fair separation..."

"As we're separating, I'm needing to refinance our home in my individual name..."

"I require an expert property valuation professional to provide evidence in divorce court..."


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Latest News: council valuations deemed useless!

Struggling to agree on your

house value?

Fancy parting on fair terms?

Anxious about rash decisions?

Keen to seek neutral advice?

All of the above!

Not surprising. It's difficult to stay
detached. Dividing assets is an
emotional business.

Get independent divorce advice:

That's where we come in. We can be
your property ally - a neutral professional
who can give you unbiased, frank and
up-to-the-minute expert advice.

Idealists and newly weds think it will never
happen to them of course, but statistics tell the
unpleasant truth.  Relationship breakdowns
are a fact of life.

When splitting up assets every $1000 counts...
and the division of assets is always negotiable. 
To minimise the risk of receiving less than your
rightful share of your home you need independent, expert property advice.

We are experienced in working with divorce solicitors and
providing evidence in divorce negotiations.

Apart from our professional diplomacy in such affairs, discover numerous other good reasons why we are the best choice to undertake your relationship separation valuation requirements.

Ease your uncertainty and reduce your risks.

Be smart and get the most accurate assessment.

Talk to us.